'Crucify' -  Fruit of Thy Loins , July 2017

'Crucify' - Fruit of Thy Loins, July 2017


'Fruit of Thy Loins' is a small photographic series that explores the destruction of female archetypes through self-portrait and poetry. 

When I was growing up during my early adolescence,       I'd hear people say weird things about women, things that were attached to their strange idea of 'womanhood'. And it was always stuff like, 'You're a delicate flower'. 'You're fragile'. 'You're blooming'. 'You're the sweetest fruit'.  

It irritated me.

I didn't feel like any of those things, and I didn't feel it was fair to reduce me to such fragility, to any woman in fact. And it was the kinds of people that talked about women, men specifically, describing young women in this way that unsettled me. These kinds of analogies I felt belittled us, undermined our strength and perseverance as women. 

Women get dirt stuck under their fingernails, their pubic hair clots together with blood on their periods, they fart, they cum, they sweat, they burp, they shit, they piss themselves drunk, get vomit stuck in their hair, they sneeze and cough and cry.

So much of my work already considers men, and their natures, their faults. How I affect them and how they affect me. But I feel that no matter how much I talk about or photograph men, in truth women are my only salvation.
My first home was a woman. And what I plan to show people is not what makes a woman, a woman, but what makes her not so. And what she isn't, is a ripe fruit or a blooming flower. And I want to burn down the wick of man until he is sexless. Until he's crushed fruit, a rotting banana skin, or a dissolved mulch of blossom. 

Fruit of Thy Loins is about showing that all women are powerful - and it comes to them in waves, in tears, in labour, in disgust, and in love. Women have an energy that inverts itself constantly - the bringers and carriers of life. Their capacity to bring the fruit of their loins to the surface for air, is the same one capable of destroying it too. The fruit of thy loins destroys the fruits of me. Thus the cigarette is my prophet, and the destruction of these archetypes unveils me as a truth, as a real human being.