Photo Credit to Dmitrij Vasilenko, 2016                                    

Photo Credit to Dmitrij Vasilenko, 2016                                   

Hey everyone, my name is Lydia Hounat and I’m a poet from Manchester, England. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, but I never really wrote poetry that much until I turned 12 years old. This was when I started to grow up and have a lot of personal experiences that I didn't think could be understood unless I wrote about them as poems.

Poetry's always been sort of like therapy to me. If something's upsetting me, I write about it, I translate what I'm feeling into art, then I can understand it better, process it better. Poetry enabled me to understand situations and my reactions to them, and I developed a real trust in writing. I only started to consider writing as a career when I joined The Writing Squad. My first publication was with Ink, Sweat & Tears Magazine when I was 17.

I’m half-Algerian from my father’s side, and my mother’s British. I dash back and forth from Manchester to Cornwall, as I study English with Creative Writing at Falmouth University. I'm heavily influenced by Anne Sexton, also Rumi, Lord Byron, Lana del Rey, Majid Jordan, Warsan Shire, Voltaire, Maya Angelou, Fleur Adcock, John Keats, Aphra Behn, Hélène Cixous, Rachid Boudjedra, 2Pac, Eminem, Shakespeare, and about a ton more.                                                 

 I'm a firm believer that you must read in order to grow as a writer and widen your horizons and knowledge of the writing world. 

I love to write about personal experiences and the human condition. I've always found love at the heart of every poem I've ever written, and I constantly dare myself to write more and more explicitly about more and more personal experiences. I like to break down taboos, I like to relate to people and vice versa by opening up the darkest of thoughts inside us, I'm a fan of the way poetry can unite people through emotion. This was something I really explored with when I created LYMHPOETRY, a site that I created as a means of expressing all the teenage angst I'd had throughout my adolescence. Because the work got so personal, I created a fictional character called LYMH out of the poetry. She became a line that I could use to regress back to the way I felt about a situation when I was 13, or 15, or whenever, LYMH is a mindset, she's a fictitious extension of me. She also has a really creepy Twitter that I'm gonna say is NSFW. 
I also sometimes make videos - I've only ever fully 'completed' one - they often are made over the summer when I can collect enough videos from archives and have enough time to collate alongside a poem. My first art film was called 'adolescents' and can be accessed here.

I'm also a poetry editor for an amazing zine called REALITY BEACH located in New York over in the States.
I'm also an Editor-in-Chief of an interdisciplinary art zine called SOBER. 

Basically whenever people ask why I write, I guess I write because I learned a long time ago that I feel things pretty intensely, and to deal with that,  I like to convert my emotions into an outlet that allows me to rediscover them by making art out of them, and making art out of the people who touch my life. 

                                                                                      I hope you enjoy the small world I've created on here.