Photo Credit to Dmitrij Vasilenko, 2016                                    

Photo Credit to Dmitrij Vasilenko, 2016                                   

Hi there, my name is Lydia Hounat and I’m an artist from Manchester, England. I’m half-Algerian, half British. I've been writing for a long time. early on I used it to quell impulsivity in difficult situations, like "therapy"—equally I didn't think I could understand my emotions or upsetting experiences unless I wrote about them as poems. 

I only started to consider writing as a career when I joined The Writing Squad. 
My first publication was with Ink, Sweat & Tears Magazine when I was 17.

I'm a fan of the way language and poetry can unite people through emotion. But over time, I began to feel that in life and experience, when confronted with challenges, language is rendered useless, even powerless, even more so when we try to articulate how something makes us feel. Sometimes I feel an image can replace an entire utterance; the digital age I think has facilitated that. 

So to explore that further, I began making interdisciplinary art with photography, poetry, illustration and sound when I was 19, because I felt it took more than just writing to really fully unpack experience, emotion and environment. I've always worked solely with film photography and work with traditional image-making methodologies. 
I also sometimes make short films which can be viewed on my Vimeo account. 
I'm a poetry editor for an amazing zine called REALITY BEACH in the States.
I'm also an Editor-in-Chief of an interdisciplinary art zine called SOBER. which I co-founded with my lovely, brilliant friend Rupert Phillips in Falmouth during our undergraduate degrees.

I make art because I want to convert my emotions into an outlet where I recover and rediscover them; by making art out of them, and making art out of the people who touch my life.