Lydia Hounat is a British-Algerian artist and editor hailing from Manchester, England. Initially a writer, she later became drawn to interdisciplinary practice and experimentation with other artistic mediums, such as photography, illustration and filmography.

She received her BA in English with Creative Writing at Falmouth University and is currently undertaking an MA in Writing at the Royal College of Art.

She is a member of The Writing Squad, a poetry editor for REALITY BEACH in New York, and Editor-in-Chief at SOBER., an interdisciplinary art zine which she co-founded with her friend Rupert Phillips in Falmouth during their undergraduate degrees.

She is currently a Poet-in-Residence at Manchester Metropolitan University in Special Collections, and resides between London and Cornwall.


Photo Credit to Dmitrij Vasilenko, 2016

Photo Credit to Dmitrij Vasilenko, 2016